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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-25

  • @MitchSquires Sorry! Been uber busy…. I though you did a whole knitting, sewing thing last year??? I remember the pics… πŸ˜€ in reply to MitchSquires #
  • Researching Masters in Ed Tech vs. Masters in Ed w/ Licensure options. Feel like the former might box me in w/o a license. Thoughts? #
  • @Westleyf Do you know any twitter folks in the Stillwater Public School system? Have some questions.. #
  • @eccajoy I've missed this. Looking forward to your feedback. Will have questions later. Trying to finalize a Masters Degree path. Ugh. in reply to eccajoy #
  • Wow- since when is Twitter trying to look like Facebook??? New iOS app is very streamline. Shows follows, etc. #
  • QR codes on bananas! What next? http://t.co/cu18H1Xm #
  • Checking out the Mathemagics app http://t.co/YcE8yFNH Possibilities. #
  • @eccajoy Good thing you're a quiz whiz. (Sorry- couldn't resist!) in reply to eccajoy #
  • INeed a good audio book for a long holiday drive? Hank the Cowdog- …. We esp like this one. Eye-Crosserosis! http://t.co/UHQ9RdRL #
  • Ten Search Tools and Tactics Teachers and Students Need to Know by @rmbyrne http://t.co/9aij4e0G #
  • I so have a love/hate relationship with Google Reader! Ready to hit the 'flush' button… 😦 http://t.co/ULItd9eW #
  • No Size Fits All – Some Thoughts on Prescribed Systems in the Classroom by @pernilleripp http://t.co/vOfng00N #
  • Admongo: β€œAducation” learning about advertising by @ktenkely http://t.co/QYpeGHYe #
  • Ditching Safari on my iPhone. Looking at Atomic. What's your fav iOS browser? #
  • @tfuhrman thanks for sharing-will check it out. in reply to tfuhrman #
  • @lindawollan looking forward to learning with you, Linda πŸ™‚ in reply to lindawollan #
  • Thinking long and hard about getting an iPhone for my 12 yo. Ugh. Too many pros and cons to list! Son was 13 when he got his #
  • @Kubikhan Hey there! Glad to see you're connecting w/ @monk51295 and @MrsLauer. Amazing women. in reply to Kubikhan #
  • @ScottElias above and beyond the call of duty! πŸ™‚ when I grow up I wanna work at your school. πŸ˜‰ in reply to ScottElias #
  • Rockband kids jam session here tonight makes me feel old. I remember "Living on a Prayer" from middle school!!! #
  • @Eduware_Inc Catch up on my Google reader and reflect on the semester in my blog. #edquotes #mlearning #iPadChat #education in reply to Eduware_Inc #
  • OK, can someone explain the edubabble term 'artifacts' as it relates to a digital portfolio? Is this more than simply documenting? #
  • @onboardlearning So it's another edubabble word? Like inter-rater reliability?? πŸ˜€ in reply to onboardlearning #
  • @benpaddlejones Thanks! That's helpful. When we throw terms like that around, I always feel like there is something I'm missing. in reply to benpaddlejones #
  • Listening to "The Courage to Teach" from the library via Overdrive. Advances in emedia are amazing. #

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