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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-22

  • Ready for life to SLOW DOWN! Have fallen off the face of the Twitterverse…. miss you all! #
  • Cleaning out server files, preparing 5th graders to take their digital stuff with them to middle school. Mixed blessing. #
  • @MitchSquires 😀 Missed you all too! Finding that being a parent of a teen means lots of driving about. How are your Awesomeness ones? in reply to MitchSquires #
  • @MitchSquires Yep- for another 4 days! School's almost out for the summer. 😀 in reply to MitchSquires #
  • @ktenkely How goes the school? Like you can answer that in 140… #
  • @ktenkely Drooling. 😀 in reply to ktenkely #
  • I think that after Friday, I am never going to using Comic Sans EVER AGAIN! #educationfontfail #
  • Had an exciting discussion about a social media/ web intern position with #bouldercounty 😀 Right up my alley! #
  • Burn, baby, burn. 88 CD's in process, with labels and sleeves for my 5th graders. Yowza. #
  • @ktenkely Will do- must come see you soon! Want to hear all your news. in reply to ktenkely #
  • Things I will miss next year- Apple Remote Desktop… love being able to control, observe and manage all 30 computers from my computer. #
  • Power of gaming to promote learning really evident in here today- reinstalled a game I deleted, and told kids to teach each other. #
  • Bittersweet. Feeling rather torn about exiting the edu-arena. Given the current climate and budget cuts, not a good time to get into ed. #
  • @eccajoy You are too kind. Seriously, though, I will have to keep up with my Aussie buddies…. we're having dinner one day, remember? 😀 in reply to eccajoy #
  • Data, data, data. Entering writing prompt data, graphing it 15 different ways…. tell me, how is this helpful to instruction? #
  • @MitchSquires Mixing my social media again… looking for the "Like" button. 😀 in reply to MitchSquires #
  • @begileing There was definite exaggeration in that last tweet…. probably graphing it 4 ways, but still. in reply to begileing #
  • Joy- data entry, burning 88 DVD's for 5th graders, compiling a end-of-year book for one class…. not enough hours in the work day today. #
  • @MrsLauer Thanks! You too. 🙂 in reply to MrsLauer #
  • So excited to be working as a social media/ web intern for @energysmartYES and @bouldercounty this summer! http://bit.ly/ieKmI8 #
  • Shutting down the lab for the summer. 😦 http://t.co/24zPReQ #
  • Do you keep one Twitter account per web presence? Have my edu one , but moving into the world of sustainability & energy efficiency. New? #
  • School's out! Margarita's!!!! (@ On The Border) http://4sq.com/m2ualD #
  • Look at that flat water! Summer rowing season rocks!!! (@ Boulder Community Rowing) http://4sq.com/jp65jW #

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