Julie A. Cunningham

Academic Advisor

Plan C

Creative Commons License photo credit: globevisions 

Today was one of those days. For most of my older students, it was the culmination of close to two weeks of standardized testing. They were off.  Really off.  They were done.  Really done. They were gone. Really gone. ((Like a freight train… ))

Add in the typical host of technical issues- websites that are not functioning, applications that have mysteriously disappeared, etc.- and it was not the best of days. I found myself quickly moving from Plan A to Plan B.  And from Plan B to Plan C.

Plan C? Plan C involved a minor deviation from our current projects and lessons. Next time around, it may well be a major deviation that involves turning off the tech and heading outside to play.

Although I have learned to always have a back-up for the back-up when dealing with technology, today I found that I needed to stop. Listen. Feel with my heart what the kids could handle given the context of their day and week.  Separate what was my own frustration, and what was theirs. Trust that sometimes ‘down time’ is the most productive choice I can make for them.

Plan C is for context.

Do you take a step back and think about the context of your day?  And how your context affects your students? And how their context affects yours? Do you make allowances for context?


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