Julie A. Cunningham

Academic Advisor

Compromising Position


She made a compromise.  The computer system was compromised.  They were caught in a compromising position.  A compromise, by it’s very nature, means that someone made concessions or some thing loses value.  The Free Dictionary offers this definition:

To reduce the quality, value, or degree of something.

It seems that somewhere between my “Edupunk for Hire” post and tonight, I decided that I had to compromise on what I want in my education and career.  I lost my way.  Rather than trust the process of self-directed learning, I really began to think that I could only work within existing programs, and that tweaking to make them fit would work well enough.  Essentially, this was a fear-based decision driven by my need to have a place and plan.

I hereby re-commit to the process of personalized learning.  I believe that my best educational choice is self-directed. I will trust the process.  If you hear me talking crazy compromise again, would you remind me of this promise?

Thank you, Monika Hardy @monk51295 , for the much needed wake-up call this evening.


2 thoughts on “Compromising Position

  1. you sound good.

    are you good?