Julie A. Cunningham

Academic Advisor

Humility & Learning


One coffee shop.  Six people.  Hundreds of ideas.  Thousands of young lives changed.  This is the power of exponential learning with other passionate educators who meet, then disperse to share with other educators and with their students.

Tonight, I attended an Edmodo Meetup where that power was really evident.  How do I know?  Well, I left feeling much more un-smart than I came in feeling.  You see, I think that one of the biggest indicators of robust learning is humility.  If I feel like I have my ducks in a row or am confident that I’ve “got it”, then I’m missing the mark.

Humility should be the hallmark of educators.  We are so small in the face of this every-changing global learning environment.  We need each other.  Therein lies the importance of a collaborative time like a Meetup.  Tonight, I walked in feeling pleased with how things were going in my classrooms with the use of Edmodo.  However, I walked out humbled, challenged to utilize the tool in better ways, and equipped to pursue those changes. What a gift those other participants gave me!  They shared their insights and ideas.  Invaluable. (Special thanks here to Ben Wilkoff @bhwilkoff for driving all the way up to visit us and share his knowledge of Edmodo!!!)


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