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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-14

  • @ktenkely Is PalBee no more? Just catching up on my feed, and saw your post. http://bit.ly/aDSWwT #
  • Using http://www.telescopictext.com and http://www.zooborns.com to talk with 3rd-5th about URL names. #
  • @MrsLauer I need help creating an informal mid-year elem tech assessment. Who would be a good person to ask for help? #
  • @mwacker No, unfortunately. I was looking for a free group alternative to Elluminate. Love it, but no $$ to pay for it. in reply to mwacker #
  • @mwacker Want something for meeting/collaborating real-time with others (5-10 people) in my position each week. in reply to mwacker #
  • @MrsLauer I'll check with her…. and I'll Google "learning targets". 😀 I want to know what they're retaining re: tech stuff. in reply to MrsLauer #
  • @MrsLauer Basically a predictive for tech assessments in middle so I can adjust my teaching. in reply to MrsLauer #
  • @mwacker Seriously?!!!! Thanks for the Dim-Dim heads up. That'll work great! http://www.dimdim.com Many thanks. in reply to mwacker #
  • Thank you @dimdim for creating such a great product and sharing it for free! #
  • Friday night, and I'm debating student groups, looking at tech profiles, and thinking about learning outcomes. #
  • Have you seen the ISTE NETS*S profiles for 3rd-5th? http://bit.ly/cON3CE My 8th grader isn't even doing this stuff! #longwaytogo #
  • Online storyboard site, anyone? Want to teach my elem kids to plan out their Storybird/Xtranormal before they create it. #
  • Score! KidsVid has online scripting and editing tools http://bit.ly/3wTFnG #
  • Learning to Use a Green Screen with iMovie '09. http://youtu.be/eP-svi0XQks #
  • T minus 1 day until I'm done with Bachelor's level work forever. Final essay, here I come! I see a coffee shop hop happening tomorrow. #
  • @kathycassidy Thanks for sharing using Vocaroo! http://vocaroo.com/ I hadn't heard of that resource before. in reply to kathycassidy #
  • @TeachPaperless Did the weight of it break your toe? Or could you not resist the wacky green backlit dude on the cover? 😀 in reply to TeachPaperless #
  • @Larryferlazzo I'm beta-testing using it with elem students in computer lab… having some multiple user, single machine issues to work out. in reply to Larryferlazzo #
  • @jaymej My prob was that I couldn't just add the page I'd created to one machine- the site sees each user as a new account Makes it hard. in reply to jaymej #
  • @budtheteacher What plug-in are you using for 'this week in tweets'? Found Twitter Digest, but it doesn't seem right. #
  • "institutions derived from the experience of the former century proved less & less adequate 2 the conditions & probs of the current century" #
  • Last tweet from my hist of China book, but very appropos for ed tech. #
  • @jaymej They can- each user that opens Symbaloo has to add the page I created…. tedious with individual & class users on one computer. in reply to jaymej #
  • @Grade1 Thanks for sharing! This is exactly what I needed to read to help my bloggers & Storybird creators build a better story. in reply to Grade1 #
  • @olafelch This cracks me up! (esp. as I'm sitting here crafting a final essay and making sure I'm crediting what I'm copying) in reply to olafelch #
  • OK, so Google is now editing searches real-time as you add terms to the search. How cool is that for teaching how to narrow a search? #
  • HyperHistory.net "Hyperlinked World History with a Biblical Perspective" #
  • Wonders of the internet- one can work on college work in an elementary school. #
  • Love this Slideshare- "You Suck at Powerpoint" http://slidesha.re/cOgd7B Not kid appropriate terms, but ideas are solid. #
  • Reading up on Storyrobe http://www.storyrobe.com thanks to @wfryer RE http://bit.ly/98WQjt #
  • Wishing @brainpop had a quick video on word processing basics. (hint, hint) #
  • Instructional Strategies Online from Saskatoon Public Schools http://bit.ly/9tmEli #
  • @MitchSquires Don't you know, "Happiness waits at the Stuff-Mart"? http://youtu.be/r1bRTmXOpqU Poor video, but in case you haven't heard it. in reply to MitchSquires #
  • RT @andrewdouch: An important article: http://j.mp/cby4U4 cc/@monk51295 (Let kids use their own tech!) #
  • Global Education Conference starts tomorrow! http://bit.ly/cQk3zZ via @stevehargadon #

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