Julie A. Cunningham

Academic Advisor

What's in a Name?

My original intention for this blog was to create an online digital portfolio to record what I’m learning, reading, and doing in my current position as an Elementary Technology Facilitator. My hope was that it would make it easier for a future employer to take a ‘chance’ on hiring me as an Alternative Teacher Candidate within their school.

However, I would much prefer to carry on a discussion with other educators through blog posts, comments, and Twitter. Today, I responded to Kelly Tenkley’s (of iLearn Technology) call for additions to her blogging alliance. And as with all things, this will require change on my part. Not so much in my consumption practices- I’m an avid Twitterer and blog reader, but in my sharing practices- more conversation and reflection on my own blog and through Twitter.

Which brings me to my current dilemma…. what to name this thing! I see names that range from the simple, Bud the Teacher, for example, to the very fun, iLearn Technology, to the more profound, Speed of Creativity.

So, please bear with me while I find my little niche in this community…… new name, coming up soon!  (Actually, I almost changed the title to something like “in process”… which really does convey much of what I want to say- I’m still learning, growing, and thinking.)


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